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4 Reasons Why Drains Get Blocked

There are many reasons why drains get blocked. Some of them are food remnants, foreign objects, dirty water, and roots from trees and plants. Read on for some of the most common causes of blocked drains. But if you’re unsure of what’s causing them, you can try some of the solutions below.

Food remnants

Food remnants from your kitchen can clog drainpipes. The fat from your foods will form a sludge and can coat the walls of your pipes, causing them to clog. To prevent this from happening, collect all your used cooking grease and put it in your household rubbish bin.

Food residues will rot over time in the drain. As a result, the clogged drain may smell foul and appear slimy. It may also contain bacteria.

Foreign objects

Foreign objects can cause drains to get blocked in a variety of ways. The biggest culprits include hair, wipes, and fats, which do not break down and can accumulate in the pipes.

To avoid foreign objects clogging drains, always ensure that the items you flush are flushed properly. This includes the use of drain covers. Using drain covers helps keep objects out of drain pipes.

Dirty water

The presence of dirt and debris in drains and pipes can affect the health of people living in an area. These materials can affect water flow in the pipes and can even cause blockages. This clogging process can damage sewage lines and septic systems, so it is important to get your drainage system checked as soon as possible. Luckily, there are signs to look for that can alert you to a developing blockage.

Grease buildup is another reason for your drains and pipes to become clogged. If you don’t clean your sink or toilet regularly, grease will stick to the walls of the pipes and block water flow. If you can, try putting greasy items in glass jars instead of down the drain. Toiletries should also be kept out of the drain because they can also clog pipes.

Roots from plants and trees

Tree roots can be a significant source of drain blockage. They can enter pipes through tiny cracks and eventually eat through the entire diameter. If the root is large enough, it can grow within the pipe for many metres before it causes a problem. This can lead to an unpleasant smell and low water pressure. It is important to address this issue as soon as possible.

In addition to causing drain blockage, roots from plants and trees can also damage sewers. Some species of trees have feeder roots that grow into sewer lines or water mains. These roots can grow as long as 100 feet and cause a huge mess. They can even cause extensive damage to sewer pipes and piping systems.

Roots from trees in your garden

Tree roots can cause a blockage in a drain if the roots penetrate the pipe. This can cause water to leak onto the garden. This will cause the garden area to become soggy and muddy. It will also cause a foul smell, often described as rotten eggs. This odour is the result of the waste water being trapped by the roots. A blocked drain can also lead to a blockage in your plumbing system.

Tree roots usually enter your drainage system through cracks and leaks. Once they enter a pipe, they feed on the water and eventually clog it. A plumber can clear the drain of these obstructions using a variety of techniques.

A CCTV survey of your drains can identify these issues before they become huge problems.

Roots from plants in your garden

Roots from plants in your garden can clog your drains and cause a costly plumbing problem. Fortunately, there are solutions that can get rid of tree roots without damaging your pipes. One common solution is rock salt, which you can buy at a hardware store. It’s also safe to flush down the toilet – just be sure to leave it for at least 12 hours to sink into the roots.

Another way to tell if tree roots are clogging your drains is to check your garden for unusual growth. For example, if some of your plants are growing much faster than the rest of the grass and bushes in your garden, this may be a sign of tree roots invading your plumbing. If you find any unusual green areas in your garden, call us and have us check out the problem.

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